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Squareball the lawn game

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Sunday, February 14, 2010


There are six ways to score. The six ways to score are summarized on the Quick Reference sheet and listed below:

1. Capture your opponent's balls in your triangle
2. Capture your opponent's balls in one of your Vs
3. Escape capture from your opponent's Vs and triangle
4. 2 vs 1
5. 2 vs 1 exception
6. Only player with balls in the square

Once both players have tossed all of their balls the round is scored. The round is scored by each player adding all his or her points for that round. The player with the most points wins the round. The winning player adds the difference in scores to his or her total score. If both players scored the same number of points that round it is considered a tie and neither players adds points to his or her total.

For example: In a given round Player A scores 5 points and Player B scores 2 points. Player A will add 3 points to his or her total score.

In addition to the six ways to score there are also several ways not to score. In each of the three cases below neither player adds any points to his or her total score:

1. Neither you nor your opponent land any balls in the square
2. Both you and your opponent land 1 ball each in the square
3. Both you and your opponent land 2 balls each in the square


  1. Love what you've got going here, guys!

    I have some scoring questions...

    1. Let's say White makes a big Triangle that surrounds 3 black balls. That'd be worth 9, right? Or are there other points being added? I saw someplace on this site that 15 would be the max score for a round... is that true?

    That's it for now! I'm sure I'll be back with more!

    2. White makes a Triangle that surrounds 2 black balls, the other is out of the square. Is that 3+3 or 3+3+1 for the extra white ball in the square?

  2. Jeremy,

    1. I'll need to draw a chart to answer this question. I will post it soon.

    2. It would be 3+3. The only time you get points for having more balls in the square is when your opponent entirely misses the square. It doesn't happen often unless you are playing with a three year old or my brother Jake :)

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.