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Squareball the lawn game

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Monday, January 25, 2010


Ok, ok. I know everybody is dying to know what is required to play this game. Here is a list of the necessary equipment. The most necessary of the necessary equipment is the balls. I recommend using Bocce balls ( because they are designed for tossing in the grass and knocking your opponent's balls out of the way.

If you do choose to buy Bocce balls remember that you need 3 balls of one color and 3 more balls of a different color. Some Bocce ball sets come with 2 balls of each color and that wouldn't be sufficient.

I have also used softballs but they aren't good for bowling. They're too light.

Under no circumstances should you use meatballs to play Squareball. That would be a criminal waste of delicious meatballs punishable by 4 years of forced vegetarian diet.

Items required to play:

3 - balls of one color They should all be the same color

3 - balls of another color I recommend they be a different color than the first 3 balls--it's easier to keep track of who has thrown what.

1 - grassy field (at least 10' x 25') You'll probably want more space than that especially if you have poor aim. A dirt field will also work if no grassy field is available. Under no circumstances should this game be played in a field of dreams. You'd likely get hit in the soul with a ghostly ball and be stuck playing baseball for the rest of your afterlife.

4 - 7' ropes/strings/straps You will use these to create the square that you will relentlessly throw your balls at.

1 - 13' rope/string/strap You will use this rope/string/strap to mark the throwing box.

8 - stakes To hold down the rope/string/strap to the ground.

You should arrange your rope/string/strap as shown below. If you can't figure out how to use the stakes and rope/string/strap to make the layout below you might have more fun playing Candy Land. I highly recommend it.


  1. Nylon straps with grommets at either end work really well. I found various colors of nylon straps at JoAnn's fabric store. The grommets can be found a Lowe's or The Home Depot or any hardware store.