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Squareball the lawn game

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Monday, April 12, 2010

More 3 vs 3 scoring

My good pal Jeremy has inquired about scoring. He asked:
Let's say White makes a big Triangle that surrounds 3 black balls. That'd be worth 9, right? Or are there other points being added? I saw someplace on this site that 15 would be the max score for a round... is that true?

The simple answer is: it depends how the black balls are positioned. To illustrate I have included 3 diagrams

1. Here is how to score 15 points in a single toss. White has captured all 3 black balls. You'll notice that black hasn't scored any points because he didn't capture any white balls in his triangle or Vs and he hasn't escaped from white's capture :( A very bad day for black.

2. In this example white has captured all 3 black balls in his triangle but black has captured all 3 white balls in Vs. Doing this subtracts 3 points from white's 9 points. White wins 6 points this round.

3. Now onto a more complicated setup. You can see that white has still captured all 3 black balls. In addition white has also escaped black's Vs with 1 white ball on top. Black has only captured 2 white balls in Vs but that still subtracts 2 points from white's 11 points. White wins 9 points this round.

Ok, let us know if you have more questions or feedback. Happy Squareballing!