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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Indoor Squareball

Ok, so it isn't exactly indoor Squareball but Outside In Games makes BoHo Bocce sets that are totally compatible with Squareball!

Jake and I have tried playing Squareball with bean bags but you simply can't get true to life bowling from a bean bag (especially the square bean bags). It looks like a BoHo Bocce set will solve all my indoor Squareball problems. I've already put BoHo Bocce on my birthday/Christmas wish list.

Visit their website at:

*photo courtesy of Outside In Games

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  1. Warning: I do not recommend pounding stakes into your carpet to create the game field square but I DO recommend the use of masking tape to create the square. Your mom/wife/landlord will also prefer masking tape over holes in the floor.